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What Is the Essential, Public Purpose of Marriage?

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With the national debate on so-called “Same Sex Marriage” raging everywhere you turn (Facebook, newspapers, websites, television, etc.), I’m reminded of the pertinent question that is often ignored. “What is the essential, public purpose of marriage?” The answer to the above question is absolutely crucial, and if you have not thought through this question thoroughly, then you should because all other considerations...

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Pope Francis’ First Homily

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On the afternoon of March 14th, Pope Francis delivered his first homily while celebrating the Missa pro Ecclesiae in the Sistine Chapel. Below, I have reproduced the full translation, provided courtesy of Vatican Radio: In these three readings I see that there is something in common: it is movement. In the first reading, movement is the journey [itself]; in the second reading, movement is in the up-building of the Church. In the third, in the...

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