The Weber Family

Carson and Rebecca Weber have 3 children: Thérèse Mary Grace (6), Bernadette Mary Clare (4), and John Paul Augustine (1)

Carson is proud to be a fightin’ Texas Aggie, Class of 2001.

At Texas A&M University in College Station, he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology (Magna Cum Laude).

While a student at Texas A&M, he was personally re-evangelized by an incredible Catholic campus ministry: St. Mary’s Catholic Student Center, and this experience changed his life forever. This personal encounter with Christ and His Holy Church led Carson to pursue higher studies in Theology immediately upon graduation, rather than entering the Information Technology industry.

Between 2001 and 2004, Carson studied at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, earning a Master of Arts in Theology & Christian Ministry with a strong emphasis in Catechetics. During this time, he discerned a call to work within the Church in the realm of adult faith formation.

Reading a book a week, he devoted himself to studying the sources and history of Christianity with vigor. He worked for Dr. Scott Hahn in his home office, and assisted in the budding work of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

Oh, and let’s not forget the most momentous event of grad school: Carson met and courted his future bride, Rebecca Mary, as they both served together on the campus R.C.I.A. team.

St. Mary Catholic Church in Brenham, TX

From 2004 to 2007, Carson directed Evangelization, Adult Faith Formation, Bible Study, and the Rite of Christian Initation of Adults at St. Mary Catholic Church in Brenham, Texas.

It was there that he recorded his popular Scripture study podcast titled “Understanding the Scriptures” – a free 30 episode journey through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

When he and Rebecca discovered their first child (Thérèse Mary Grace) was on her way into this world, he applied for a position with the Diocese of Sacramento, which was closer to Rebecca’s family in Northern California.

Diocese of Sacramento - Official Crest

In 2007, Bishop William Weigand hired Carson to serve as the Director of Evangelization for the Diocese of Sacramento. When Bishop Jaime Soto succeeded Bishop Weigand, he asked Carson to focus specifically upon the area of New Media Evangelization.

For 5 years (2007-2012), Carson successfully implemented numerous diocesan initiatives to evangelize and catechize the people of Northern California more effectively. Examples include:

Catholics Come HomeThe Catechesis 101 Online

New Media Icons

After 2 years of discernment and prayer, Carson made the decision to leave his diocesan post to head into full-time self-employment as an entrepreneur, establishing CarsonW, Inc. as a California corporation.

Working from his home office, he builds, deploys, hosts, and maintains websites for Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools, ministries, and apostolates (and is able to spend far more time with his wife and children). He also provides new media consultation and serves some secular clients.

In addition to webdesign and new media consultation, this move has freed him up to travel, utilizing his talent of delivering dynamic and practical presentations to audiences.

His unique education and combination of diverse experience enables Carson to help Catholic clergy and laity effectively engage in the New Evangelization with the blessings of the New Media.

Carson is a devoted husband and father. He and Rebecca have three incredible children: Thérèse Mary Grace (6), Bernadette Mary Clare (4), and John Paul Augustine (1).

Sid Curry
Sid Curry Parish Dir. of Religious Education
Carson is an inspired and dynamic speaker who puts his whole heart into his talks! No matter what age you are he calls you to a deeper understanding of Christ and His Church. His love for the Lord, the Church and the Catholic faith shines through his words and actions.
Sr. Terry Davis
Sr. Terry Davis Dir. of Communications • Diocese of Stockton
Carson has spoken with our diocesan staff and parishioners about social media and was very effective, well-prepared and informative.
Mary Jo Waggoner
Mary Jo Waggoner Director • Office for Evangelization and Catechetical Ministry • Diocese of San Diego
I recently attended a workshop with Carson along with several California Diocesan Directors. He took seemingly difficult topics and effectively taught them to us, enabling us to learn how to effectively employ new media tools in our work. He also led us through several good Catholic online resources. For such a short workshop, we learned quite a lot. I recommend bringing him to your diocese for your diocesan as well as parish leadership.
Mary Ann Wiesinger
Mary Ann Wiesinger Associate Director • Dept. for Evangelization & Catechesis • Diocese of Oakland
Carson is a dynamic presenter. Each time he has spoken to the catechists and DREs of my diocese, he has captivated them with his enthusiasm and empowered them with practical tools. I am grateful because he tailors his presentations to the actual needs of the audience, and as a result, everyone walks away satisfied. His combination of knowledge of technology and faith is rare, and a great blessing to the Church in this time.
Dan Brooke
Dan Brooke RCIA Facilitator at Corpus Christi Catholic Church • Diocese of Bismarck
After attending a New Media presentation by Carson, I’m confident that he has a firm handle on both fundamental and emergent technologies and how to leverage them to communicate a message effectively. I’ve incorporated several aspects of Carson’s presentation into my blog and I feel empowered to look for more ways to communicate the Gospel message.
Mike Hagerdon Coordinator of High School Religious Education & Confirmation at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Jasper, Indiana
Carson always provides ideas to take back to the Parish. Have been fortunate enough to attend four presentations over the years and each time the information was timely, informative, understandable and most importantly, of use. But the greatest gift is to witness his love of God, Wife and Children.