Carson Weber presenting in Brooklyn, New York

Carson Weber presenting at the 2013 Diocese of Brooklyn’s World Communications Day.

New Media Presentations

Catechesis and the New Media

The advent of the Internet has brought forth incredible opportunities to echo the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ in truly effective ways. We take a moment to explore what the Church has recently pronounced in this regard before we dive into real-life examples, showing how diocesan and parish catechetical leaders can greatly increase their catechetical effectiveness as they embrace new ideas and tools.


The Internet and the New Evangelization

Blessed Pope John Paul II announced a New Evangelization, that would be new in its methods, ardor, and expression. It is no coincidence that this New Evangelization has coincided with the rise of the Internet and the digital media. In this presentation, Carson gives witness to how Catholics are advancing the Gospel via the new technologies. He then brings it all home, showing how you can do the same.


New Media Tools for Ministry

You’re busy… in fact, too busy.  You need easy-to-use tools that enable you to work more efficiently and effectively as a catechetical leader.  Carson leads his audience through a number of well-crafted, incredible (mostly free) new media tools to empower today’s Church to be more effective at proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You’ll come away from this presentation with a wealth of helpful New Media resources to employ at the service of your mission.


Presentations on the Catholic Faith

A Catholic Introduction to the Depths of Sacred Scripture

The Second Vatican Council urges us “to learn by frequent reading of the divine Scriptures the ‘excellent knowledge of Jesus Christ’ (Phil. 3:8). For ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.’” In this presentation, we will explore the key interpretive principles we need to fruitfully read and understand the Bible. This is a great talk to introduce people to the Scriptures, to help them see that they are truly Catholic in every respect.


Sacraments: Their Biblical History and Life-Giving Potential

We will explore the rich Israelite understanding of the berit (Hebrew for covenant), the covenant sacrifice, and the oath-swearing liturgy that accompanied the entrance into and renewal of covenants. This understanding vastly illuminates the nature, necessity, and power of the sacraments. We’ll delve into the history of the earliest Christians and examine what they believed, understood, and lived with regard to these tiny atomic bombs for the spiritual life.


Life in Christ: Pursing Lasting, Fulfilling Happiness

Everyone desires happiness, but few seem to achieve the kind of true happiness that lasts beyond the transitory pleasures of this life. With St. Augustine as our guide and the Catechism of the Catholic Church as our map, we explore the path to true joy, which begins not with the written dictates of law, but rather, the encounter with the divine person of Jesus. Participants will come away with a practical introduction to Christian map of life, the only life truly worth living!