One of the simplest and easiest ways a parish can effortlessly evangelize and catechize is to embed quality Catholic videos with high production value on its website, like this one:

Below, I have captured the direct URLs for various videos produced by Fr. Robert Barron’s ministry, Word on Fire, which you may follow to preview and embed those videos on any page on your website.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux:
Our Lady of Lourdes:
The Eucharist:
Who is God?:
The Resurrection:
Jesus Compels a Choice:
The Infallibility of the Pope:
The Desire to Be a Saint:
Confession / Reconciliation:
The Trailer to “Fishers of Men” (Vocations):

To embed any of these videos, visit the URL to that video, then (1) Click “Share”, (2) Click “Embed”, and (3) Copy the embed code. Then, on your website, you will need to paste this embed code on the source of your page.

How to Embed a YouTube Video

If you are using, you can easily click the “Source” button on any page, then you can paste this code into the page. Click save, and the video is now viewable and playable right on your parish website!