In the Catholic world, the Church is growing in its sponsorship of the new media.  Parish staffs are investing in quality websites.  Dioceses are promoting online learning.  Parish ministries are paying for subscriptions for Catholic new media tools.

And… Catholic apostolates are paying talented developers to create incredible Catholic mobile apps.

I’m happy to say that one of my favorite new-and-upcoming Catholic apps is no longer up and coming.  It has arrived!

Lighthouse Catholic Media Bible App


Lighthouse Catholic Media has officially launched their mobile app, which is titled: Lighthouse Catholic Media Bible.

It’s available in the Apple App Store, on Google Play (the Android Market), and for the Kindle Fire.  I’ve linked the name of each of these three platforms to the app, so you can easily download and access the app without having to search for it.

The iPhone App

The app contains the entire text of the Bible in the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition.  This text is linked up with the Truth and Life Audio Bible, so you can purchase the awesome soundtrack for each book of the Bible if you wish.  The Gospel of John is included at no cost.

But that’s not why I’m so stoked about this app.  I mean… there’s already an awesome Truth and Life Audio Bible app available.

I’m excited because Lighthouse has amassed an incredible array of talks and has done an outstanding job distributing this content via audio CDs through kiosks in parish vestibules, through the CD of the Month Club, and by downloadable MP3s.

Now, for the first time ever, you can access those talks instantly through your Droid, iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device for only $1.99 or $2.99 each.

The Lamb's Supper - Now Playing

Want to listen to Jeff Cavins’ amazing talk: “I’m Not Being Fed”?  Click on Additional Content and  through three successive simple taps, you’ll be downloading your content in seconds.  Then, there’s Dr. John Bergsma’s fascinating presentation on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Fr. Michael Schmidt’s inspiring talk titled: “True Worship.”  You can grab the famous conversion story of Dr. Scott Hahn (“Why A Protestant Pastor Become Catholic”).   Or, perhaps you’d like to download the conversion story of Tim Staples: “The Bible Made Me Do It.”

And then, there are free talks available for download!  Dr. Scott Hahn’s phenomenal presentation titled “The Lamb’s Supper” is available for free alongside some other amazing free content provided courtesy of The Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

Promo Code

There’s an icon in the app that says “Promo Code.”  Click on that and enter 1515 to download additional free content.  Personally, I chose “True Worship” by Fr. Michael Schmitz for my free download.