My Parish Website provides an easy-to-use website solution for parishes (and schools and other ministries, too!).


Dropbox is an incredible program that allows you to sync your files across different devices, including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

It also allows you to share a folder on your computer with anyone in the world. When you add a file to the folder, they see the file automatically appear in the same folder on their computer, and vice-versa. You can create a quick share link to any file, allowing you to paste that link in an email, on Facebook, or on a website, and when someone clicks on that link, they will be able to quickly download and view that file.


Evernote is note-taking software on steroids, enabling you to sync notes across multiple devices and share notes with others.

You can categorize your notes by tags, separate them into different notebooks, and embed media within your notes such as images and audio. Evernote will scan your images for text and includes that text within its search results when you’re trying to find a word or phrase.

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse Catholic Media is a not-for-profit corporation that provides CDs and MP3s (in English & Spanish) of incredible presentations that change lives, and they cost as low as $1.50 each.

Lighthouse provides parishes with kiosks stocked full of these low-priced audio CDs. Parishioners (and visitors) can freely take whichever ones they are interested in and leave a donation at the kiosk. Often, the donations completely offset the cost of the kiosk & CDs altogether!

This is one of the most effective form of evangelization available today for parishes.

My Catholic Faith Delivered My Catholic Faith Delivered offers anyone anywhere the ability to take online courses in the Catholic Faith. Classes are self-paced (asynchronous), as the lessons can be viewed at any time anywhere the student has access to a tablet or computer and an Internet connection. Carson authored the course titled: Catechesis 101, an 8-lesson introductory course to give parish catechists a solid foundation.

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