I’m happy to announce that today, my family is making a big leap of faith. After 2 years of prayer and discernment, Rebecca and I have decided that I should pursue my entrepreneurial dreams of building my own business full-time.

Today is my final day with the Diocese of Sacramento as Associate Director for New Media Evangelization, and on Monday, I begin work as my own boss in our home office. I will be building and hosting websites of every flavor (with an emphasis upon Catholic organizations, parishes, & schools, but not exclusively). I will also be providing remote and on-site new media consultation as well as be available for speaking engagements. Finally, I’ll be able to help my bride expand Lighthouse Catholic Media to more parishes in northern California.

This will free me up to use a gift that God gave me and which I have been able to make very little use of the past 5 years: speaking and teaching. I hope to be able to announce the praises of my Lord Jesus Christ in many new avenues.

It is our dream that this move will allow us to better support our growing family and increase my availability as a father to our beautiful children, to improve the quality of our family life altogether.

All praise is due to Jesus and his infinite mercy. We are so grateful to be his disciples and to be recipients of his tender love and compassion.